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CyberHULL Legacy

Pioneering from the 90s to the present, our journey in technology has been marked by continuous innovation, unwavering dedication, and pioneering excellence, shaping the digital landscape throughout these decades.
1990's In the late 1990s, amidst a trust deficit in cross-border partnerships, two individuals were determined to build a strong foundation of trust. Their determination led to the creation of CyberHULL.
Cybiko Devices
2000 In 2000, we initiated our journey into innovation with the birth of Cybiko. Our mission was to revolutionize communication and technology by introducing pocket communicators, setting the stage for future mobile tech developments.
2003 In 2003, the establishment of 3D Wireless Games marked a revolutionary moment in the gaming industry. The company quickly gained prominence with a multitude of innovative games.
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Superscape Logo
2004 In 2004, a pivotal moment occurred as Superscape was founded. Renowned for its pioneering work in 3D technology, Superscape joined our journey, propelling us toward new horizons and growth. This acquisition led to the birth of CyberHULL, marking a significant milestone in our evolution.
2008 After the sale of Superscape, which had been a significant part of our journey, we responded to the changing technology landscape in 2008 by establishing a new company called CyberHULL. This marked the beginning of something innovative and the start of a significant journey.
CyberHULL Logo
2010 In 2010, we introduced a pioneering patent: a path-creation utility for image editors. This tool enabled users to customize images by layering elements on backgrounds. Users could define image geometry by tracing paths, removing unwanted elements, and shaping images, all with our innovative technology.
2010-2020 From 2010 to 2020, we embarked on a decade of remarkable growth and innovation. Our commitment to pioneering solutions led to patent successes and transformative projects with industry giants like Nokia, Novotec, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Nestle, Lindt, Adobe, Wrangler, PMI, Xerox, Coca-Cola, and more. We're proud of our impactful journey and look forward to continued innovation in the future.
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Codifi Logo with 6 offices icons
2022 In 2022, we made a significant acquisition by purchasing Codifi and expanded our global presence with the establishment of six new offices worldwide, located in Texas, San Diego, Denver, Yerevan, Kyiv, and Braga. This expansion marked a pivotal step in our journey to serve our clients more effectively and broaden our reach across the globe.


At CyberHULL, we aspire to be a premier global IT organization, with a presence spanning the globe. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies to our esteemed clients. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and commitment to exceeding customer expectations drive us to continually raise industry benchmarks. Our mission is to craft outstanding IT solutions uniquely tailored to the specific needs of our valued clients, ensuring their success in an ever-evolving digital world.

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