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For more than 25 years, the Cyberhull management team has been involved in leading data transformation, content, new media and publishing initiatives for clients across the globe. They have successfully built multiple teams and operations on 4 continents and created & deployed innovative products that have revolutionized companies' offerings. They are a dedicated team of professionals who truly understand the needs of today's competitive global business climate.


Management team

Kevin J Roberts - Chairman of the Board

Kevin J Roberts joined the highly experienced founding team of CyberHULL in April 2009 as CEO and Chairman. Kevin has 35 years of experience in the High Tech Industry in both public and private companies. He started his business career in 1973 with McDonnell Douglas Information Systems Group and during his 14 yrs with the company annual revenue grew from $20 million to $1.4 billion. Kevin served in a number of senior management positions directing major software and services development contracts for the Health Care, Telecommunications, CAD/CAM, Consumer Electronics, Chemical / Pharmaceutical, Financial and Aerospace markets . Kevin joined Biosym Technologies in 1988 as SVP of Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Support and was promoted to CEO of Biosym in 1990. Biosym, under his leadership became the number one Molecular Modeling Software company in the world and was sold to Corning Inc in 1992 for $108 million. In 1995 Kevin helped launch SeQual Technologies Inc as Chairman and CEO. SeQual today is a leading worldwide supplier of home health care Oxygen Concentrators. Kevin served as Chairman and CEO of Azron Inc. ( Electronic Medical Records Software ) and completed Azron's merger with a private Chicago based health care organization. Kevin was a Board member and lead angel investor in Akos /Endonetics Inc. ). Endonetics was sold to Medtronics in 2001 for $67 million. Kevin became a Board member and helped launch Reaction Design Inc which today is leading the way towards development of Clean Technology for the transportation and energy sector. He has served on the Board of Optical Research Associates(ORA) in Pasadena Ca. from 1999 until present. Kevin was invited to become a non executive Board member for Superscape Plc in 1997( London Stock Exchange Listed ) and then asked to take over as CEO of Superscape in 1999. After leading several successful funding rounds on the London Exchange for Superscape Kevin and his team re engineered the company from a 3D Graphics Tool Company into a Mobile Games Publishing Company and took Superscape from a position of number 91 to number 5 in the North American market before selling the company to Glu Mobile in April of 2008 for $36 million. Kevin also serves today on the Board of ScienceMedia Inc and as an advisor to the Board of Skinit.com.

Vadim Sytnikov - CTO

Vadim worked with foreign companies providing development resources in Russia since 1990. Working as Technical Director, Software Development Director, and CTO of various companies, Vadim successfully ran software development projects with the US, European (UK, Scandinavian, French), and Japanese companies. For more than 20 years, Vadim led development, and participated as chief architect in great many projects ranging from development tool sets and SDKs, including C and C++ compilers developed from scratch, to operating systems (CyOS, CyNIX; again, developed from scratch), to computer graphics, including real-time and photorealistic 3D engines, to distributed artificial life simulators. For Cybiko, Inc. Vadim played a major role as Director of Large Applications Development, and then Director of Software Development and helped Cybiko, Inc. raise VC funding and launch a game boy like device with wireless connectivity into the US market. Vadim is equally skilled in various web-based technologies and is co-author of a US patent for advanced web-based image manipulation technology. As a developer, Vadim has won (took Grand Prix) an all-exUSSR programming contest Borland-93 held by Borland International (which was at the time arguably THE world leader in development tools). As a General Manager of Russian (Moscow-based) branches of 3D Wireless Games Inc., Superscape Group PLC, and now CyberHULL LLC., Vadim has successfully grew his teams in a matter of months to meet aggressive operational targets. With deep connections into the Russian IT market, he has consistently focused on top professionals which made it possible for his teams to complete demanding projects on time, on budget, with exceptional quality.

Donald A Wisniewski - CEO

Don joined his first start up company, Cybiko Inc, as President in 1999. Don led the funding effort for Cybiko and with other team members raised $19.5million in Venture Capital funding. Cybiko launched a ( Gameboy like ) wireless connected internet device under his leadership and the company grew from 25 to over 275 employees in 2 years. Ninety percent of the Cybiko employees were based in Moscow, Russia. Don, working with his team, then organized the company into several divisions one of which was a wireless content publisher/developer, Cybiko Wireless. Starting with only 9 employees and $300k in funding, he took lead role and grew that entity to over eighty employees in two year with the majority of resources being located off shore. He then sold Cybiko Wireless to a leading French Mobile Game Publisher providing significant ROI for his investors. Don next founded 3D Wireless Games Inc. a specialized Mobile Content Development company. He established its base of operations in Russia, built the team and successfully sold the company to Superscape, Plc. Don joined Superscape as SVP Operations and Marketing and played a key role in re engineering operations, substantially growing the off shore development team from 15 to 95 employees and driving Superscape into a Top 5 publisher in the US Mobile Games market. Superscape was sold to Glu Mobile in April 2008 for $36 Million and after he finished the integration of the two companies, Don went on to Co-Found CyberHULL. For the past 10 yrs he has focused his efforts in the Russia IT market. He has established significant off shore development teams multiple times and delivered very strong results.

















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